Min Chen (b.1975). A master’s graduate in telecommunications and multi-media from the Institut Supérieur d'Électronique de Paris (ISEP), Paris France (2000), Min Chen enjoys cross-disciplinary initiatives and is also an avid photographer whose work on urban life and cities have been published and commissioned for books and publications since 2009. As a visual artist-designer, his interest encompasses ideas of codes and iconography and the psychology of de-coding, deciphering and interpretations of seemingly shared symbols and meanings as well an interest in intersecting materials and disciplines to evolve new visual languages.


Once in a while, something large (and sometimes loud) comes by. We analyse it – even evolve a language for it -decoding, deducing, inferencing, interpreting in frenzy. Alas before we know it, it has come right up to the face and firmly implants itself in our space, imprints itself on the mind, on the imagination. It never leaves.

New York New York! 2014



Each and every day, everyone is en route somewhere. Some seem to travel faster and some slower; others toss the map and ride the wind, still others decide to get off the train altogether. The departure and ending points may be the same - even routes may be similar - yet our journeys and stories could not be more different.

Man plastering posters in Montparnasse-Bienvenüe station in Paris

Remaking, Montparnasse-Bienvenüe Métro station Paris 2005


JE SUIS . 我是

What am I? A father, a mother, a brother, a chef, a butcher, a coffee maker, a dancer. Sometimes I am one, sometimes the other. And some days, I am all of these, all at once.

La Goulette, Paris 2005


In the sprawling metropolis, everyone seeks to carve out their own space. The space where they see themselves free.

A Sunday Afternoon At The Barrage, Singapore 2022


Le Festin . 盛宴

"The people are paramount to the king, while food is paramount to the people." 《王者以民为天,民以食为天》

Filleted, Old Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo 2005


L'espace . 空间

Commercial work done for clients on architecture and interior spaces

Finestra Italian Steakhouse, Manila Philippines 2019

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